Pack your bags.....!! 1. Life's a Beach and Konkan gives you the best of it.

2. An array of Forts will leave you mesmerized.

 3. Temples for your prayers 

4. For a Mangolicious holiday.

5. Cashew because they really look different than what you eat.

6. Ukdiche Modak the ultimate delicacy.

7. Solkadi  the divine drink of konkan

8.You wont resist the Fish Mealshere

9.Give your eyes a lush of Greenery.

10. Phopti an authentic barbecue of the Konkan.
Alibaug, kissed and bordered by the Arabian Sea, is thought for its palatial sea forts, neighborhood fish delicacies and the virgin, sun-kissed seashores. A experience to Alibaug is the suitable weekend getaway from the hustle-bustle of cosmopolitan lives. placed simply 95.3 km from Mumbai, Alibaug may be reached by using NH 66 in about 2 hours. The name Alibaug literally interprets to 'the lawn of Ali'. located within the Konkan area of Raigad, this traveler hub is the appropriate location for human beings seeking out sun, serenity and solace. Surrounded by using sea on all aspects, Alibaug is likewise known as the 'Goa of Maharashtra'. The metropolis borders a well-known Israeli-Jewish vicinity, and is domestic to over hundreds of families of Jewish descent. one of the maximum popular synagogues, referred to as the Israel Ali, is likewise positioned in this town. Set amidst the backdrop of the Arabian Sea, Alibaug is home to tranquil waters and lacunae seasho…
Shrivardhan Celebrated for its betel nut 'Shrivardhan Rotha', the lovely town of Shrivardhan was at one time the main residence of the Peshwas, the leaders of the Maratha Empire. The plantation of betel nut at almost every courtyard called ‘wadi’ gives it a wonderful green canopy that soothes and refreshes. A delightful bended street shaded by the general branches of banyan trees takes us to Shrivardhan, adding to the general understanding. Shrivardhan is a taluka in the Raigad area and its place in history has been set up because of it being the first main residence of the Peshwa family. The Peshwas were the "deshmukhs" of this district and their unique surname was Bhat. The family had a major and extensive home according to their status in the public arena. Balaji Vishwanath Bhat, on the premise of his diligent work and knowledge, was depended with the "subhedari" of Pune territory. Amid the many clashes in the Maratha groups of Shahu Chatrapati and Taraba…